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MISCADA for Durham students

Students with a Durham BSc (or MSc) degree can switch to MISCADA, but they have to apply in the same way all other students have to and they have to meet the admission criteria. If you think about switching to MISCADA later, it makes sense to read through the official admission criteria of the specialisation of interest, and to take this information into account early throughout your degree when you pick your courses.

Here are some general recommendations:

  • All quantitative science programmes in Durham equip you with sufficient math skills for the specialisations. However, our Quantitiative Finances stream is very math-heavy and you will have to ensure that you have read some in-depth modules.
  • You will have to take one module about C programming. In Computer Science, e.g., there is an L2 module around Programming Paradigms which covers the content. NatSci students should take this one. Many other undergraduate courses teach all in Python. In this case, you might have to take some additional courses that bring you up to speed with C.